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Cosimo believes in the role of the educator, rather than teacher. From the latin word educere, its literal meaning is to take out. Cosimo thinks about his lessons in this way too: he’s convinced of the benefits more from someone that supports the student’s inner musicality and helps him/her to let it out, rather than stuffing the student with bland information. Cosimo strongly believes in this, no regards to any level or whatsoever. 


Cosimo is currently working as a saxophone teacher in two music schools in the nearby of Rotterdam. These are CultuurLocaal in Barendrecht and ToBe in Ridderkerk

His main subject is saxophone lesson, but he’s also available for (group) piano lessons for children, theory and harmony and preparation for conservatory’s auditions


Cosimo’s lessons are mainly in dutch, but also available in English and Italian. 


For prices, you can check the above-mentioned music schools or contact Cosimo here

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